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Political Donations

Political Donations

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  • Source: Control Yuan
  • Date: 2014/05/22

Process for political donations:
1.Open a separate bank account: Persons who plan to participate in campaigns and political parties and associations must open a dedicated account with a financial institution to be brought before the Control Yuan for verification. Receipt of funding begins on the day the account is verified. A receipt must be furnished for every donation or funding received. Monetary donations must be deposited into the dedicated account within 15 days of receipt.

2.Acceptance of funding: Recipient must check if the donor’s status is permissible by law. If the donation is not from a permissible source, or the recipient refuses to accept donation, the whole donation must be returned within one month of receipt or be deposited in the national treasury within two months thereafter.

3.Honest declaration: Aspiring candidates must declare all funding received for the campaign within three months after the day of election. Political parties and associations must declare within five months after the close of a calendar year.